Sacramento, CA
Specializing in
Fashion Photography
for Children in Preschool
Janelle Erath - Photographer
September 2004
Surene Foutouhi - Assistant
January 2011
Meet the 2012 Lil' Angels Photography - Sacramento Team
Our Employees Are Awesome!
We are very proud of our staff and that's why we love to show them off! They
all have a genuine love for children and are amazing at what they do.  We are
lucky to have found each & every one of them.  Here they are listed in
alphabetical order with their current titles and how long they've been with us.  
Next time you see one of them, say "hi"!
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Cara Choy - Assistant / Photographer
August 2007
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Tom & Julie Castle - Owners
February 2002
Nicole Brint - Assistant
January 2011
Stephanie Armstrong - Photo Editor
January 2011
Katlyn Bosnich - Assistant