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Hopscotch Collage Reorder Page
Specializing in
Fashion Photography
for Children in Preschool
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(a sheet can consist of
any one of the following)
ONE  8x10
TWO  5x7s
FOUR  3.5x5s
EIGHT wallets
ONE 5x7 & TWO 3.5x5s
ONE 5x7 & FOUR wallets
TWO 3.5x5s & FOUR wallets
1 Sheet = $24.95
2 Sheets = 34.95
3 Sheets = $44.95
4 Sheets = 54.95
add'l sheets = $5/each

10x18 Collage = $64.95
add'l collages = $34.95/each

CD Only = $110
includes all images
CD with min $64.95 Purchase = $50
includes all images
CD Only / 1 Image Only = $40
(does not include "collage" image)

ALL SHEETS will be printed on matte
paper unless metallic paper is requested
in the comments section.
Reorders take 3-5 weeks from date of payment for delivery.
Reorders will be charged 7.75% sales tax plus $8.00 for shipping and handling.
You will be contacted within 48 hours to make payment (Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express).
We will contact you again when your order is mailed to you.
Please feel free to
contact us if you have any questions.
Due to digital image
processing, you may notice
slight color variations between
your original order and your
reorder.  Cropping may also be
adjusted to accommodate
picture size.  
Siblings will receive a $30 discount on purchases of $64.95 or more
after the first package of at least $64.95 has been purchased at full price.
Please use the sample above to note
which number pose you are reordering.